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Beyond The Veil

Beyond The Veil

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Unlock the realm of your imagination with our exquisite collection of D&D-themed resin miniatures, where every detail breathes life into your fantasy worlds 🐉✨. Crafted with head-carving-grade resin at an unparalleled precision of 0.025mm, our miniatures reveal intricacies that will mesmerize and inspire. From the seductive allure of the 45mm Succubus to the towering might of the 90mm Veil Guardian, each piece is a portal to endless stories.

Each miniature is prepared with supports removed, leaving faint traces of their journey from our hands to yours—a canvas for you to refine and personalize.

Embrace the challenge, wield your tools, and bring these figures to life with your unique touch. Whether for the battlefield or the display shelf, our miniatures await your creativity. Choose your champions, and let the adventure begin! 🎲🔮

Model Name Height
Succubus 45mm
DoomKnight 55mm
Abomination Warrior 70mm
Skullreaver 50mm
Fay Princess 45mm
Imp Lord 50mm
DoomGuard 40mm
GraveWailer 65mm
Sinister Warrior 40mm
Scourger 40mm
Lamassu 70mm
Shadow Stalker 40mm
Veil Guardian 90mm
Doom Bringer 75mm
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