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Nine Hells

Nine Hells

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🔥 Unleash the Inferno with Nine Hells D&D Figures! 👹

Step into the depths of fantasy with our "Nine Hells" collection, where every figure is a gateway to adventure. With 24 unique variants to choose from, ranging from the nimble 30mm to the towering 150mm, your tabletop will never be the same. 🌌

Crafted with unparalleled skill, each figure is born from high-precision, head-carving-grade resin, ensuring that the smallest details shine with clarity. Our default printing accuracy of 0.025 brings every scale, feather, and sword to life, ready to plunge into battle or navigate the complex politics of your game world. 🎨

We've taken the liberty of removing the support structures, leaving only faint echoes of their creation. These subtle marks are yours to refine, offering a unique opportunity to personalize your figures. 🛠️

Whether you're summoning fiends from the depths or battling against the forces of evil, our "Nine Hells" collection offers the perfect champions and adversaries. Choose your size, pick your hero or villain, and let the epic tales unfold on your table. 🐲

Dare to descend? The Nine Hells await. 🎲

Figure Name Size
Infernal Knight 30mm
Infernal Warrior 35mm
Death Bringer 35mm
Infernal Caller 35mm
Narzugon Rider A 55mm
Narzugon Rider B 55mm
Narzugon Rider C 55mm
Narzugon Rider D 55mm
Horned Devil A 90mm
Horned Devil B 95mm
Horned Devil C 95mm
Horned Devil D 100mm
Kartaroth A 145mm
Kartaroth B 140mm
Kartaroth C 120mm
Kartaroth D 105mm
Imp A 30mm
Imp B 30mm
Imp Summoner 35mm
Imp Lord 40mm
Zariel A 70mm
Zariel B 70mm
The Fallen 60mm
Azrael the Pit Lord 150mm
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