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2044 Dice Set

2044 Dice Set

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🎲 Durable Beyond Measure: With each dice meticulously constructed from premium, safe, and rust-proof ABS material, your journey through countless campaigns will be accompanied by unwavering reliability.

💡 Radiance in Every Role: At the heart of each die lie the exquisite and unique LED beads, shimmering in three captivating colors - mystic blue, emerald green, and fiery red. Powered by a cutting-edge USB rechargeable system, your rolls will come to life, dazzling onlookers and elevating your gameplay to an immersive spectacle of light. The magic doesn't end there; each die houses a meticulously integrated circuit board, ensuring that your path is always lit with the glory of your achievements.

🔋 Charging with Convenience: The adventure never pauses, thanks to the elegant charging case that accompanies your dice set. Effortlessly recharge your arsenal of luminous dice via power adapter, mobile power, or PC, ensuring that they're always ready to cast their spell when destiny calls.

🔍 Sensory Magic Unleashed: Equipped with the latest high-sensitivity sensor technology, a simple shake is all it takes to awaken the radiant soul of each die. Watch in awe as they flash their vibrant lights for about ten seconds, heralding your victories and tales of valor.

Step into the light with the Eternal Glow LED Dice Set and transform your Dungeons & Dragons experience into an electrifying journey through the annals of fantasy and beyond. Where every roll is a burst of color, every game an unforgettable saga.

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