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Mythic Merchants

Friends or Foes?

Friends or Foes?

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🐉 Embark on an Epic Adventure with Our D&D Themed Figures! 🐉

Step into the realm of imagination and bring your tabletop game to life with our meticulously crafted D&D figures. 🎲 Made from the finest gray resin, our figures boast unparalleled precision and detail, ensuring each character tells its own story.

🔍 Features:

  • High-Precision Craftsmanship: Our figures are sculpted from head-carving-grade resin, ensuring every detail is captured with clarity. With a default printing accuracy of 0.025, expect nothing but the crispest lines and most intricate designs that breathe life into your game.

  • Customizable Finishes: Each model arrives with supports removed, leaving behind subtle traces that beckon the hands of those eager to personalize. A slight polish by you, the player, will bring forth the character’s true essence.

  • Diverse Collection: Choose your champion from our array of 11 distinct models, each varying in size to fit your game's needs. Whether it's a towering giant or a stealthy rogue, find the perfect figure to complete your adventuring party.

🎨 Ready for Customization: Delivered in a neutral gray resin, our figures are a blank canvas waiting for your creativity. Paint them to match your unique style or the specific requirements of your campaign.

🌟 Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just beginning your journey into the realms of fantasy, our D&D themed figures are the perfect companions for your epic quests. Bring your stories to life and create unforgettable memories around the table.

Model Name Size (mm)
Witch Doctor 45mm
Mind-Shatter 70mm
Nomad Warrior 50mm
Mammoth Rider 80mm
Elder Mind-Crusher 50mm
Tribal Warchief 40mm
Pack Master 45mm
Intellect Devourer 20mm
Harbinger of War 35mm
Hardshell Abomination 60mm
Beholder 70mm
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