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Mythic Merchants

Mythic Creatures

Mythic Creatures

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🐉 Unleash the Adventure with Precision-Crafted D&D Figures! 🐉

Dive deep into the realms of fantasy with our exquisite collection of D&D themed figures, designed to bring your most cherished adventures to life! Each figure is a masterpiece, sculpted with high-precision head-carving-grade resin, ensuring every detail tells a story. With a default printing accuracy of 0.025, the finesse of each character's features is unmistakably clear, ready to stand tall in your collection.

Our figures come with the support structures removed, leaving behind subtle traces of their creation journey. These slight marks are a craftsman's signature, waiting for your touch to polish them into perfection. It's not just a figure; it's a personal quest for beauty!

Choose your champion from 10 mesmerizing characters, each awaiting to embark on epic quests with you. Whether you're a collector or a gamer, these figures will ignite your imagination and elevate your D&D experience to unparalleled heights.

🔮 Why Choose Our D&D Figures? 🔮

  • Unmatched Detail: Precision-engineered to capture every intricate detail, offering a visual feast.
  • Customize Your Adventure: Select from up to 10 different figures to tailor your collection.
  • A Personal Touch: Enjoy the unique satisfaction of polishing your figure to perfection, making it truly yours.

Step into the adventure with our D&D figures – where every character holds the potential to unleash epic stories. 🗡️✨

Death Knight 40mm
Shadow Shaman 45mm
ArchLich 45mm
MoonHowl 45mm
Dreadlord 45mm
Forest Blight 70mm
Wall-Breaker 30mm
Warwolf 45mm
Corrupted Knight 40mm
Dreadlord + Warwolf 80mm
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