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Magic Portal

Magic Portal

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Step into Magic: The D&D Themed Magic Portal 🌀✨

Unveil the gateway to endless adventures with our exclusive PLA 3D Printed D&D Themed Magic Portal! Crafted for the most ardent of adventurers and the most imaginative of mages, this magic portal isn't just an accessory; it's your entry ticket to worlds unexplored and tales untold. 🌌📖

Dimensions: Bold and beautifully crafted, our portal stands proud at 19x15.5 cm - the perfect size to captivate and charm any onlooker.

Compatibility: Tailored to adventurers of all sorts, it snugly accommodates phones ranging from 8x16.5 cm to as quaint as 6x13 cm, with a thickness whispering tales of slim elegance up to 1.3 cm. 📱✨

Designed to insert your phone and transform it into a mesmerizing magical portal, our product promises to be the centerpiece of your D&D sessions, sparking imagination and bringing your stories to life in a way you've never experienced before. 🎲🔮

Summon forth the magic, embrace your destiny, and let our D&D Themed Magic Portal be the gateway to your next great adventure. 🚪🌟

Available now - because every hero deserves a portal to greatness. 🛍️✨

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