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Mythic Merchants

WC Mimic

WC Mimic

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Discover the magic at your dungeon with our enchanting "WC Mimic" sign 🐉✨. Designed for adventurers and dungeon masters alike, this treasure merges the mystical with the practical. Installation is a breeze thanks to the four pre-punched corners; hang it up swiftly and embark on your next quest. No need for water spells to clean this artifact—simply dust off your relic with a brush to keep its ancient charm. Crafted to resemble a relic of yore, its retro look comes complete with intentional rust, scratches, and a weathered patina, telling tales of countless adventures. Despite its ancient appearance, this waterproof and stylish metal sign is forged from high-quality, fade-resistant tin/iron plate metal, promising to guard your space for years to come. Let the "WC Mimic" guard the gateway to your own mystical realm 🚪🔮.

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