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Mythic Merchants

Roll For Initiative

Roll For Initiative

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🐉 Step into adventure with our enchanted D&D Themed Mat! 🚪✨ Size: A magical 40cm x 60cm (15.7" x 23.5") portal perfect for any entrance.

🧵 Material Magic: Crafted from 100% mystical polyester, our mat features a luxurious flannel fabric top with a non-woven dotted plastic bottom for the ultimate spell of stability. With a thickness of 0.8cm, it's a carpet of comfort underfoot.

🔮 Product Powers: This enchanting mat doesn't just look good; it performs powerful spells to clean and maintain itself. A simple shake, and dirt, snow, mud, sand, grass, leaves, and dust vanish before your eyes! Its moderate thickness ensures no door shall ever be obstructed, while its durability promises years of service in your realm. The thick, plush surface is a dream underfoot and resists the dark magic of shedding. Plus, its dotted plastic sole ensures it grips the floor with the tenacity of a dungeon trap, without causing any harm.

🏰 Applicable Realms: Whether you're stepping into your indoor front castle, the royal chambers, the mystic bathroom, your living room throne room, the office of scrolls or decorating your personal slice of the kingdom – our mat stands ready to guard and beautify your domain.

Unleash the magic within your home and make every entrance an epic quest with our D&D Themed Mat! 🌟

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